Thursday, November 12, 2009

Apple Aroma Terapi Lilin Keci

Apple Aroma Terapi Lilin Kecil (IIN-015)
Kemasan: Box Mika + Pita
Harga unit: Rp.2500, --
Warna campuran, ukuran packaging mika 5 cm x 5 cm x 2 cm
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Love Nail Scissors

Love Nail Scissors

Kemasan: Plastik + Pita Kawat
Harga unit: Rp.3000, --
Warna campuran, panjang sekitar 4,5 cm
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

napan batik

Code: r237 - 01
Name: napan batik
Company Name: sanggar Sri Lanka REJEKI
Dimensions: Length. 32 wide. 25 level. 4 (cm)
Weight: 2
Description: bahan: congee rice, bamboo, rotan, batik
Price: RP. 30.000
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Natural Handycraft

Natural Handycraft - fragrance source ship
Product Catalog

Friendship provides income. That experience by Sri Wuhanti (37), to address the sub village Besanten RT 06 RW 18, Baturetno, Banguntapan, Bantul, Yogyakarta. In his village he is a friendly, well trained to make the craft made the fragrance source. Not taking a long time, he can master techniques to make products of the craft. Then, the mother of two has always made the time ship products in time. She tried to market his product to potential areas often visited by tourists. In fact, many tourists are attracted. This would encourage his spirit.

Shipping business, which has run since 2000, has developed still. The main still the same, smell source. For additional material, he adds agel, sigras, coconut container, stalk banana, coconut skin, bones, and beads. Had available a 30-product design. The products are dolls, dog toys, turtle, Lamp, music equipment, a miniature motorcycle, car, holder of key and other souvenir.

Since 2003 last, Iwuh (his nick-name) has dwelt on his show room, which is located in Kasongan street, Karangpule, Tirtonirmolo, Kasihan, Bantul. Many products are tidily ladder there. The price is different, start from RP 1.250, - for the holder of the key, RP 10,000, - 20,000 in RP for animal shape, the RP 25.000,0 lamp for products . "The product, which is desired by tourists are shaped animals, like elephants and dogs," says Iwuh.

According to this crafter, just in junior high school graduate, he always sends 900 products to other types of shapes, the value of RP 3 millions Bali each week. Means the product of his capacity to reach the 3600 products to the value of RP 12 millions per month. Helped by 5 workers, Iwuh always accept orders time to time.

Beside that he also had a local market, he also had foreign buyers, who always order. These are from Australia, Japan and Korea.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tempat Pinsil Mobil VW kodok

Tempat Pinsil Mobil VW

* Tempat Pinsil Mobil VW

* Kirim ke teman
* Cetak
* Lihat Ukuran Penuh

Miniatur memproduksi mobil VW adalah sempurna untuk hadiah atau sovenir
untuk baca lebih lanjut silahkan anda lihat disini://


Rp5, 950


None / Tidak Ready Stock

1 item dalam persediaan item dalam persediaan

Catatan: Item baru di stok

* Selengkapnya

Bahan: kayu
Miniatur VW kecil ukuran: 12 cm X6cm
Berat Jumat 50 buah (surat), sekitar 7 kg

Plus nama asli piring, berapa

@ Rp. 5950 (> 1000)
@ Rp. 6150 (501 - 1000)
@ Rp. 6550 (200 - 500)

Wholesale Miniatur VW
@ Rp. 12.000 (> 1000)
@ Rp. 12500 (501-1000)
@ Rp. 13.000 (200-500)

RETAIL: Rp. 14.000
produk produk (kosong)


Menghabiskan Rp0
Total Rp0

Keluar dari trem
Produk Baru

Tidak ada produk baru saat ini
Banting Harga

Tidak ada banting Harga Barang

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Handy Craft

Handy Craft
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In these times of liquidity and post-Diwali smog crunch, news about an exhibition-cum-sale May not be welcome ... unless it is not one that offers tips exotic throwaway prices.

A walk Lalit Kala Akadami Regional Center Aliganj become worthy in this regard. It is the place for "Purbashree ', a festival to highlight not only the crafts of the Northeast, but also the states of Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Orissa. The highlight is a range of products with price tags that are easy on the pocket.

Prices start as low as Rs 40 and discounts, even the most expensive items worthy proposal. For example, a bedspread from Bhubaneswar could be yours for less than Rs 140, while another splendid spread of Rajasthan in May seems a little exorbitant to Rs 620, but becomes a rich acquisition after a big discount.

"This is a government initiative Shillong artisans but other states have joined in too," says BC Kalita, manager of the event, held under the aegis of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) Ministry of the Textiles.

Indian Textile Suppliers thousands of providers Alibaba.comExporters & Importers Business Directory of 114 countries Go4WorldBusiness.comIs Jesus really God? Researchers examine the facts Ads by Google

Temptations include the art of batik dress materials, furniture and cane bamboo, lamps, planters, and more bags, table mats, decorative objects and jute and a host of objects that astound the most with their beauty and their prices.

From Durres frugal mats dressed in Sarees and peaks represents Varanasi, Shillong

Jewels of Rajasthan includes necklaces jade, sandstone and other stones. Trinkets abound at each stall and the door key, clips hair, bracelets, rings and belts of many to put you in a purchase or to buy more dillemma. Dried flowers, agarbatti, clay and leather goods of utility and pleasure are all there to win.

... contd.
Facilities for NRIs The World's Local Bank offers NRO, NRE Accounts & More. / NRILuxury For Handmade leather accessories, interior, luxury shoes Pellami

Seashell Craft

Seashell Craft

See larger image: Seashell Craft
Material: Shell
Type: Sea Shell
Place of origin: Indonesia
Model No: 3
Brand Name: Seashell
Offline Click to send an inquiry
PT. Rakhmad Jaya [Indonesia]
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Seashell Accessories

Friday, April 10, 2009

Miniatur Becak Kayu

Miniatur Becak Kayu
Miniatur kendaraan Roda 3 khas Indonesia, dengan roda yang bisa berputar, sangat unik.

Ukuran: 18 X 8 x 9 cm
Bahan: Kayu
Minimal pembelian: 100 pcs
@ Rp. 5700 (> 1000)
@ Rp. 6200 (501 - 1000)
@ Rp. 6700 (200 - 500)

ubin ke: harga Rp 1500 +
Gratis instalasi nama

Negara Asal: Indonesia
Harga: RP.5700 / pcs

kipas dari kulit hewan

Fan kulit
Fan dari kulit asli serta gagang kipas yang terbuat dari tanduk kerbau asli air.
Minimum order: 50 pcs
@ Rp 22.500 (1000)
@ Rp 24000 (501-1000
@ Rp 26.000 (200-500)
100 oleh bagian berat (untuk pengiriman):
6 kg

Negara Asal: Indonesia
Harga: Rp22.500 / buah-buahan

Gantungan kunci

Gantungan kunci dari mika berkode BA 10, bergambar logo perusahaan untuk pesanan 500 biji keatas harga @ Rp 4000,00

Kategori: squirrel suvenir gelas dan mika
Cetak Cetak

Kirim ke teman Kirim ke teman
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Asbak Dalmation
Bunga Klip STAND BEE
Piagam pada plat
DEEP SEA asbak
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Bingkai MiKA BIG
DEEP SEA asbak
IKAN asbak

Friday, February 13, 2009

Zebra Motif Photo Frames

Zebra Motif Photo Frames
Size not available yet
Code not available yet

zebra-design-photo-frame Zebra Motif Photo Frames
posted on: Thursday December 4, 2008 3:19 pm Category: Photo Frame, and Tags: coconut, Coconut Photo Frame

Triangle Pattern Snack Tray

Triangle Pattern Snack Tray
Size: Length Side Diameter 20 cm x 18 cm, Length Side Diameter 25 cm x 24 cm, Length Side Diameter 27 cm x 26 cm
Code: BST-001

Triangle Pattern Snack Tray

Bakken has triangular pattern with bamboo motif and white color background.

You can put fruit or snack on the tray and take the tray in your dining room to make your room more elegant.
Triangle Pattern Snack Tray
posted on: Saturday, January 3, 2009 at 1:44 Categories: Snack Tray and Tags: bamboo, bamboo Snack Tray

Crafts balinese

Crafts balinese

For more than half a century, Bali is known for arts and crafts. Handicrafts made from natural materials such as coconut, mop shell, bamboo and wood with a sweet, attractive design that has been introduced to the world by Balinese artists. Our Company "balinese craft" is a once exporters of Bali handicraft products with natural ingredients.

Balinese handicrafts consider our experience in this business and the high caliber of our employees we streghts to provide our customers with the finest quality goods.

We Balinese artists produced by the hands of their masterpieces, and that what makes each special products and handicrafts.
Recommended Products
Coconut unique bracelet White MOP Shell Coconut bracelet Elegant Brick Plate MOP Shell Ball

In this website, we aim to create and long-term business partnerships with our customers reliable service and trough a reasonable price for quality products. That is, we "balinese craft" we always put customer satisfaction at the top of our priorities.

We have updated the design basis and regularly on our customers may have to check our design update at any time through our on-line catalog. Feel free to contact us to notify your inquiries and your order.
* Bamboo Ball
* Bamboo Box
* Bamboo bracelet
* Bamboo Frame Mirror
* Bamboo Photo Frame
* Bamboo Snack Tray
* Bamboo Table Lamp
* Bed Cover
* Cinnamon
* Cinnamon balls
* Cinnamon Box
* Cinnamon bracelet
* Cinnamon Coaster Glasses
* Cinnamon Photo Frame
* Salt and pepper Cinnamon Box
* Cinnamon Table Lamps
Tray * Cinnamon
* Coconut Ball
* Coconut Bowl
* Coconut Box
* Coconut bracelet
* Coconut Chopstick
* Coconut Glasses Coaster
* Coconut Frame Mirror
* Coconut Photo Frame
* Coconut Plate
* Salt and pepper Coconut Box
* Ball MOP shell
* MOP shell Bowl
* MOP shell Box
* MOP shell bracelet
* MOP shell Glasses Coaster
* MOP shell plate
* MOP shell Salt and Pepper Box
* MOP shell Table Lamp

Sunday, January 25, 2009

payung imlek mikey mouse

Payungnya biru metalic memilikinya .. ..
Sandar di kursi listrik untuk jantung ... ... Ada
Air di ... Ada putar2.
baca lebih



Negara Asal: Indonesia
Pembayaran: Tunai
Total: Banyak
Keterangan: Tas yang terbuat dari eceng gondok sangat unik dan menarik untuk diambil di mana aja. Berbelanja atau berjalan ke tempat wisata alam.
Order Hub; 08179556329
to learn


SOUVENIR Kipas # 1

Kami menyediakan berbagai souvenir untuk pernikahan, hadiah. Sangat berkesan dan uniq. Segera mendapatkan ...!!
+628179556329 Atau 02470269251

Negara Asal: Indonesia
Harga: Variatif
Pembayaran: Tunai
Total: MUCH
Pack & Kapal: KARDUS RAPI

Handicraftofnepal is one of the best places where you can get many products Nepal. If you're looking for something else that is not listed here, then please e-mail. We will try our best to give you full information and products. If you want to create a product Nepal also design your own then please submit a design. We will try to do our best.