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napan batik

Code: r237 - 01
Name: napan batik
Company Name: sanggar Sri Lanka REJEKI
Dimensions: Length. 32 wide. 25 level. 4 (cm)
Weight: 2
Description: bahan: congee rice, bamboo, rotan, batik
Price: RP. 30.000
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Natural Handycraft

Natural Handycraft - fragrance source ship
Product Catalog

Friendship provides income. That experience by Sri Wuhanti (37), to address the sub village Besanten RT 06 RW 18, Baturetno, Banguntapan, Bantul, Yogyakarta. In his village he is a friendly, well trained to make the craft made the fragrance source. Not taking a long time, he can master techniques to make products of the craft. Then, the mother of two has always made the time ship products in time. She tried to market his product to potential areas often visited by tourists. In fact, many tourists are attracted. This would encourage his spirit.

Shipping business, which has run since 2000, has developed still. The main still the same, smell source. For additional material, he adds agel, sigras, coconut container, stalk banana, coconut skin, bones, and beads. Had available a 30-product design. The products are dolls, dog toys, turtle, Lamp, music equipment, a miniature motorcycle, car, holder of key and other souvenir.

Since 2003 last, Iwuh (his nick-name) has dwelt on his show room, which is located in Kasongan street, Karangpule, Tirtonirmolo, Kasihan, Bantul. Many products are tidily ladder there. The price is different, start from RP 1.250, - for the holder of the key, RP 10,000, - 20,000 in RP for animal shape, the RP 25.000,0 lamp for products . "The product, which is desired by tourists are shaped animals, like elephants and dogs," says Iwuh.

According to this crafter, just in junior high school graduate, he always sends 900 products to other types of shapes, the value of RP 3 millions Bali each week. Means the product of his capacity to reach the 3600 products to the value of RP 12 millions per month. Helped by 5 workers, Iwuh always accept orders time to time.

Beside that he also had a local market, he also had foreign buyers, who always order. These are from Australia, Japan and Korea.

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