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Jl. Batuan Singapadu Gianyar, Balinese Indonesia
Tel: +62-361-463448, 463447, 464054 Fax: +62-361-463447
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Bamboo Bag - Bamboo Furniture - Bed Cover - Kite Crafts - Bags and Basketry

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Balinese provides a variety of arts and crafts products, a very ethnic, even the creative and foreign influences works of art can be found in Balinese, such as traditional Balinese Exchange of various forms of trafficking in human beings, gods, animals, and even in different cultures. Bamboo baskets, Bamboo Bags, Bed Covers, and is flying Kites. All the Balinese artists may be reproduced in any art form of crafts of wood and other type of materials.

Retail prices for butterfly design: Small (140 cm in width) of U.S. $ 6.00/pc Medium (180 cm in width) of U.S. $ 8.50/pc, a large (200 cm in width) of U.S. $ 12.00/pc Serpent Design: Small (140 cm in width) of U.S. $ 12.00/pc Medium (180 cm in width) of U.S. $ 31.00/pc, a large (200 cm in width) U.S. $ 65.00 Bird Design: Small (140 cm in width) of U.S. $ 6.00/pc Medium (180 cm in width) of U.S. $ 8; 50 / each, a large (200 cm in width) of U.S. $ 12.00/pc Kaswari Bird Design: Small (140 cm in width) of U.S. $ 6.00/pc Medium (180 cm in width) of U.S. $ 8.50/pc, a large (200 cm in width) of U.S. $ 12.00/pc
Flying Kite Balinese have known about the time immemorial. Kite Flying is not just a free-children, but also for adults or even older people. A good time to fly the kite Balinese are in July and August. Balinese has even kite festivals during that month. When the kite festival takes place, it is not just an individual who will take part in the kite fetival, but also in groups, even if the villages. a member of the participant in villages tend to make a big kite, sometimes the size of more than 10 metres. They must transport the kite, the festival in the field of a large truck and often obstruct traffic, which leads to complain that lead people to arrive late in their premises. A series of Balinese traditional music also be used to track the festival, which makes the situation so lively and deafning the situation. The participants include a reference to high levels of creativity, so that the design of their kites. Make no way the animals, motor bike, plane, and other more traditional forms such as a pattern of fish, quadrangular pain, snakes are still in the competition. The Making Of kite Balinese also to be sold on the market, as well as domestic and international. Even today the production of kite sales have been developed in a knock-down building to minimize the state dring the traffic. The construction of this type is almost small and medium-sized enterprises in all models, such as the models come from birds, bees, boats and other flying animals. Quality is generally grouped into two categories, such as better kites are printed in accrylic and lower quality kites are printed on the wall to paint

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Each kit

Each kit come with all the foam and wood components necessary to assemble the kits.

Kits do not include canes

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Handicrafts (Indonesia)

Handicrafts (Indonesia)
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We can provide our various crafts ....
Batik Semar PT
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U.S. $ 0.89 ~ 3
Min. Order: 100 pieces

Craft bamboo

Craft bamboo
Place of origin: Indonesia Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta
Model No: bb08
Fob Price: USD FOB Semarang 3 ~ 15
Port: Semarang
Payment: D / P, T / T, Western Union
Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces / Parts
Delivery: 4 weeks
Brand Name: BB
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CV DANALIN Sejahtera [ID]

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Bali Handicraft is our main activity

Welcome to BaliOmeng: Home Decor Bali and Bali Handicraft is our main activity. We are a fabrication, Exporter Garm, craft and Home decor, Wholesaler Handicraft and Home Decor island of Bali in Indonesia.

Our products like him Batik, T'shirt Batik, sarong, Scraft, Batik Oil, Batik Painting and any form of batik, candle holder, with Bronze Frame, photo frame, placemat and table runner, Chusion Cover, etc.

word of pupets

you can visit the situs
Welcome Vonny and Lance arts and crafts of Indonesia

Voices of the puppet masters: By Mimi Herbert Wayang Golek puppetsMy name is Lance, my beautiful wife Vonny of Indonesia has headed several companies, including commercial companies and tourism and Europe. We traveled to many places both in the world. My wife introduced me to these wonderful Wayang Golek puppets of Java. I fell in love with the beautiful art and skills that will make Wayang Golek puppets, and stories of the Ramayana. Although our shop specializes in Wayang Golek puppets, we'll add more art Java and Indonesia over time. We've added a new DVD in our store that shows a real performance by the son of ASEP. It is a rare opportunity to see this young man bear the Wayang Golek life. We hope you enjoy our site and can help to disseminate this information to other cultures.

The Wayang has a strong tradition in the world of Java and Indonesia, which represents the struggle between good and evil. Both types of coins are Wayang Kulit and Wayang Golek. The Wayang Kulit are two-dimensional leather puppets are often referred to as shadow puppets. These are more popular in Bali. The Wayang Golek three-dimensional puppets are made of wood and come from Java and the area of Bandung. The Wayang Golek usually plays at dusk and ultimately the early morning hours. People come and go as they please. The Wayang Golek puppet master are called Dalang. The pieces are based on the Ramayana or Mahabharata stories. The Ramayana is generally Rama, SINTA, Anoman, and Rahwana The main family in the Mahabharata are the five Pandawa clown brothers and their officials. there are also many heroes as Gotot Kaca and Srikandi. This site contains information on each of the characters and many other lesser-known Wayang Goleks. These puppets are bases and stand 24 "over 48". Each Wayang Golek puppet can be removed from the base and both the head and arms can be moved.

These Wayang Golek puppets have very finely detailed carvings on the head and body, with brightly colored paintings and detailed. The Wayang Golek body is beautifully decorated in pearls and Batik. Some Wayang Golek puppets have carved wings, either wood or leather and are hand painted. Each puppet Wayang Golek is individually hand carved a unique and each point of collection. These Wayang Golek form are carved in wood and painted by artists (Giri Harja III), which are puppets for ASEP Sunarya dalang (puppet master) who carries out the world. Artists are using hair cat for details and extremely fine lines. They are Indonesia and the world's finest Wayang Golek puppets. Please visit our store or click on "Wayang" for more information about each character and puppets. Vonny please contact (408) 746-0480 for issues of price or volume. You May e-mail using the questions "for more information click on the button.

What's new: Store is now back and running. Thank you for your patience. All clients must enter their data, which was updated security. Please consult the new Wayang puppet in stock. Also because of recent problems with our suppliers, we must have a minimum order on the puppets who are not in stock. This is due to the unreliability of Indonesia's postal system.

You get great prices on what is in stock and quick delivery. We have now added a prepaid calling card to store all our friends and customers. Choose from more than 850 cards with rates as low as 2.8 cents per minute in Indonesia and less than 1 cent per minute to China and the USA.

Thank you for your interest and support! Vonny and Lance

Wayang Golek: World of Wayang Golek puppet World Wayang Golek Logo

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Hand Craft

Sri Lanka is a well-known for traditional crafts at hand. The masks, pottery, ebony elephant, lace, Jewelary are famous throughout the world. The pottery is one of the oldest crafts in Sri Lanka. Products include ceramic pots, vases and many other ornamental carfts. Elephants are ebony of ebony and ivory; Lace was introduced by the Portuguese and now has become an artifact. In addition, Sri Lanka Product excellent costume jewellery. The stones are more visible than the metal in the Netherlands traditional. The metal is mandatory only stones.


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Contact us for any request
If you do not see here what you wanted or sought please contact us. We will do our best to give you what you want.

Sri Lanka has produced many artists internationally. This site is a place for the exhibition of paintings by high-level Sri Lankans. We offer opportunities for Sri Lanka renowned artists publish their works for the enjoyment of the world community. The site also provides an opportunity for viewers to buy these works

Crafts in Indonesia

Arts and Crafts in Indonesia

Indonesia - Jakarta - Lombok - Semarang - Solo - Yogyakarta - Bali
Any connoisseur can only be fascinated by the rich variety of arts and crafts in Indonesia which was a legacy of a myriad of influences. Speaking of visual arts in Indonesia, the country is not generally known as a treasure for exquisite time or paintings, but he is best known for his inimitable art, which are exclusive in the country.

To begin with, there are often complex and expression traditional and modern Balinese paintings. These paintings focus on the most illustrating the beauty of nature, beautiful landscapes or illustrate the themes of traditional dances. In addition to traditional paintings, Indonesia has proven to be fertile ground for many artists of international fame or Indonesians or Europeans who settled in Indonesia to continue their creative efforts.

Most of them are big names in the art market and their works often fetch very high prices. Today, modern Indonesian painters use a wide variety of styles and themes. Calligraphy, mostly based on the Koran is decorative in its special way.
When it comes to crafts Indonesian as one of the products, you can choose among different styles, models and drawings that are used in preparing them, mostly inherited as a cultural heritage of their ancestors. In many ways, colors and shapes of these traditional crafts represent spiritual values or a tribe of certain regions. In some cases, these different meanings display related to ethnicity or a particular region of origin.
Some popular forms of art and crafts in Indonesia are batik, ikat and songket fabric. With the popularity of batik today, it is difficult to imagine he was once on the brink of extinction and ikat, but thanks to the efforts of former President Suharto, who cleverly promote handicrafts wearing batik shirts on official occasions.

crafts in Southeast Asia,

Greeting from Java, Indonesia

Java, the island arts and crafts in Southeast Asia, we offer a variety of quality model of Asian exports handicrafts, Asia and sculptures in metal decor Asian via the Internet. Our goal is to provide quality service with wholesale prices reasonable for the quality products.These crafts are handmade in rural villages, located in the centre and east of the island. Java has a great history of ancient kingdoms Indonesian; Tarumanegara, Sailendra, Kediri, Singasari, Majapahit and Mataram. They have some influence in the ancient kingdom of Asia history. The heritage can be found in the form of art, culture, objects and world-renowned temples such as Candi Borobudur, Mendut, Prambanan, Plaosan. Influenced heritage of art and culture, Javanese artisan inspired to make these beautiful, modern and functional crafts for interior decoration.
Most Indonesian crafts and decoration are made in Java and Bali island, including the main gifts, accessories, interior decoration, figurines, furniture, silver jewelry, wood and stone carving. Please contact us for wholesale prices investigation.
Home Interior accessories
Java island is tropical forests povide large quantity of botanical materials to make crafts such as wood, natural fibres, hull and coconut leaves. Recently, handicrafts and natural accessories become important export product from Indonesia and other Asian countries, most of them combine traditional and modern design who need creative idea to make it contemporary and functional crafts for interior decoration.

giraffe wall coconut natural chandelier picture frame wood fireplace vase
Decorative lampshades --
Our lampshades are only made from a combination of natural materials, wood, stone and earth. He also combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design that make the house more exclusive interior lighting

cinnamon coconut lamp decoration lampteak lamp lamp decoration stone
Since the dawn of time, sculpture and carving technique called by Indonesian craftsman, so far still Indonesian artisan crafts for their livelihood. Here, we show some model crafts Indonesian who has made bronze, brass, wooden material.

dolphin figurine wooden wooden mask elephant figurine sculpture gecko

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Grenouille takeaway boxes

Grenouille takeaway boxes

Creation of fun frog to carry boxes is easy and fun! Click below for instructions step by step.

Tribal Crafts

Balinese Tribal Crafts
The gradual influx of tourism in the year 1970 & 80 s played a large part of the development of modern Balinese crafts. Visitors, the Balinese to return to their home country, with small vessels souvenirs or exquisite wood carvings. The local crafts people Balinese were quick to take their potential. Soon the visitors on the other hand, serious buyers, and began to request for small-scale production of individual objects, which are suitable to sell abroad, the industry was born. These are the years there began to arise in an outpouring of new crafts design. The Balinese flair colour & Design proven these products are winners. The ability to carry out local raw materials and put them in an incredible impact is obvious. At the end of the day it is a Balinese skills and talents that shines, we have only to commercial operators in the market for such skills. By the mid-1990s, exports of handicrafts, Balinese, it was the peak. Balinese crafts had become a "asia", are shown shelves is a fashionable Gift Shops from Tokyo, San Francisco. End by 1990, s Balinese crafts had already reached the mainstream gift from the market ..

बलि Crafts

Best of Bali
Dance Arts l Temples
Arts and Crafts

The Balinese are surrounded by art throughout their lives that art is omnipresent in Bali. They make art very basic in their daily lives. However, artistic knowledge is not only commissioned a class intellectual, but is open to everyone at all levels. Painting, sculpture, sculpture and music have always been the province of men, while women channeled their creative energy in creating sumptuous offerings to the gods. In all the festivals, you can see spectacular pyramids of flowers, fruit and cakes up to two metres high, built with such love and adoration which could only be intended to be a supervisor. Although considered a religious practice, Balinese art is not just religion. Bemos, jackets, menus, motorcycles, hotel doors and other objects are decorated with sacred symbols. They do not use this as sacrilege. It is incredible to see so many people in such a small space for so much energy to create beautiful things.


Balinese painting is classified in some groups and styles, with some overlap and some who do not fall within any of the main styles. First, Kamasan or classical painting, which is also called the wayang style. This style can be traced back to the ninth century that the sculpture features Javanese wayang figures, drawings of flowers rich, and flame-mountain motifs characteristic of the traditional Balinese painting. It is also the Pita Maha, which literally means "great vitality". The group was formed when the paint is vanishing as an art form and in a serious decline due to styles more and stagnation. Walter Spies and Rudolf Bonnet were western artists who, with their boss Cokorda Gede Agung Sukawati, formed the Pita Maha encourage painting as an art form and to find a market for the best paintings. Other artists theYoung styles and variations of the main Kamasan and young Artists'styles.


The Balinese sculpture natural media - wood, stone, bone, horn, dead wood, and even the gnarled roots of trees. Nowadays, memories size woodcarving is churned success and creations are often produced in series. Any visitor to Bali is likely to be exposed to the woodcarving in all its forms, whether the traditional ornate carved doors, carved figures of gods, or the countless objects sculpted in craft shops .

Woodcarving is a profession practiced on all Bali. Open your ears to listen to the sound of mallet the sculptor and, you know, there are approximately one. It would separate the traditional taxation and foreign influences. However, Balinese are intense observers from the outside world, effortlessly integrating and adapting foreign themes in their work.

For the quality of woodcarving, head to Tegallalang, Pujung and Sebatu, which lies north of Ubud. It is a great space to meet woodcarvers, it is better to take note of the artist's name and visit him at the workshop to negotiate a better price.

Bali is a perfect place for western artists to study their craft. There are lessons sculpture in wood where you can learn to sculpt your own mask in about three weeks.

Mask Carving

It is a specialized form of woodcarving which should be carried out by experts. A very high level of skill is required to produce the 30 or 40 masks used in dances. Barong masks and Rangda are opulently painted and assembled with real hair, huge teeth and bulging eyes. The mask sculpture centre of Bali and east Mas Puaya.


The technique used in stone carving is quite the same as the woodcarving from soft volcanic rock is used. Carving Stone is relatively unaffected by the tourist consumption that most parts are too exorbitant delivery. You can clearly see the stone carving skills in the division distinctive doors, swirling stone friezes, and absurd and threatening mythological statues. The centres are stone carving and Kapal Batubulan.


Bali is also famous for its jewelry, along with Thailand and Mexico, and variations on the same grounds are common to the three countries. Balinese jewellery is almost always the main, therefore rarely molding techniques or use of money imported. The money is extracted in Bali near Singaraja and used for other, and traditional silver filigree. The members of the royal family adorn themselves with gold and silver headdresses, belts, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and anklets to indicate their high status. Even handles krises or daggers and umbrella tips would be made of gold. The village of Celuk is known for its rings, bracelets, necklaces, pins and other objects of money. Kamasan remains the traditional gold and silver jewelry.

Balinese are quick to resume the design introduced by foreigners and will copy things that sell well. Many blacksmiths imagination began to double drawings in international magazines or jewelry designers who have moved to Bali to work.


The first type of textile that you find in Bali is batik, which is popular among tourists and local populations as well. There is imagine the style and quality that you can luck to the whole island, but it is surprising that the batik is actually produced in Central Java, and then shipped to Bali. Bali own production house is a fabric called ikat fabric endek. Ikat is made by linking the fabric son of a fabric before it is woven and then die so that related areas do not absorb dye. The fabric is woven and model, created by the detention of son, appears. This fabric is not very popular with visitors, but is essential to the local population. The ikat faith is made of silk and cotton synthetic son but are also widely used. Also, keep a research kain prada, fabrics woven silk or cotton and decorated with silver or gold or gold leaf. These are colorful handkerchiefs worn by girls at temple festivals and take three weeks to a month to weave.