Friday, February 13, 2009

Zebra Motif Photo Frames

Zebra Motif Photo Frames
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zebra-design-photo-frame Zebra Motif Photo Frames
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Triangle Pattern Snack Tray

Triangle Pattern Snack Tray
Size: Length Side Diameter 20 cm x 18 cm, Length Side Diameter 25 cm x 24 cm, Length Side Diameter 27 cm x 26 cm
Code: BST-001

Triangle Pattern Snack Tray

Bakken has triangular pattern with bamboo motif and white color background.

You can put fruit or snack on the tray and take the tray in your dining room to make your room more elegant.
Triangle Pattern Snack Tray
posted on: Saturday, January 3, 2009 at 1:44 Categories: Snack Tray and Tags: bamboo, bamboo Snack Tray

Crafts balinese

Crafts balinese

For more than half a century, Bali is known for arts and crafts. Handicrafts made from natural materials such as coconut, mop shell, bamboo and wood with a sweet, attractive design that has been introduced to the world by Balinese artists. Our Company "balinese craft" is a once exporters of Bali handicraft products with natural ingredients.

Balinese handicrafts consider our experience in this business and the high caliber of our employees we streghts to provide our customers with the finest quality goods.

We Balinese artists produced by the hands of their masterpieces, and that what makes each special products and handicrafts.
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In this website, we aim to create and long-term business partnerships with our customers reliable service and trough a reasonable price for quality products. That is, we "balinese craft" we always put customer satisfaction at the top of our priorities.

We have updated the design basis and regularly on our customers may have to check our design update at any time through our on-line catalog. Feel free to contact us to notify your inquiries and your order.
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