Monday, July 7, 2008

Crafts in Indonesia

Arts and Crafts in Indonesia

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Any connoisseur can only be fascinated by the rich variety of arts and crafts in Indonesia which was a legacy of a myriad of influences. Speaking of visual arts in Indonesia, the country is not generally known as a treasure for exquisite time or paintings, but he is best known for his inimitable art, which are exclusive in the country.

To begin with, there are often complex and expression traditional and modern Balinese paintings. These paintings focus on the most illustrating the beauty of nature, beautiful landscapes or illustrate the themes of traditional dances. In addition to traditional paintings, Indonesia has proven to be fertile ground for many artists of international fame or Indonesians or Europeans who settled in Indonesia to continue their creative efforts.

Most of them are big names in the art market and their works often fetch very high prices. Today, modern Indonesian painters use a wide variety of styles and themes. Calligraphy, mostly based on the Koran is decorative in its special way.
When it comes to crafts Indonesian as one of the products, you can choose among different styles, models and drawings that are used in preparing them, mostly inherited as a cultural heritage of their ancestors. In many ways, colors and shapes of these traditional crafts represent spiritual values or a tribe of certain regions. In some cases, these different meanings display related to ethnicity or a particular region of origin.
Some popular forms of art and crafts in Indonesia are batik, ikat and songket fabric. With the popularity of batik today, it is difficult to imagine he was once on the brink of extinction and ikat, but thanks to the efforts of former President Suharto, who cleverly promote handicrafts wearing batik shirts on official occasions.

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