Monday, July 7, 2008

crafts in Southeast Asia,

Greeting from Java, Indonesia

Java, the island arts and crafts in Southeast Asia, we offer a variety of quality model of Asian exports handicrafts, Asia and sculptures in metal decor Asian via the Internet. Our goal is to provide quality service with wholesale prices reasonable for the quality products.These crafts are handmade in rural villages, located in the centre and east of the island. Java has a great history of ancient kingdoms Indonesian; Tarumanegara, Sailendra, Kediri, Singasari, Majapahit and Mataram. They have some influence in the ancient kingdom of Asia history. The heritage can be found in the form of art, culture, objects and world-renowned temples such as Candi Borobudur, Mendut, Prambanan, Plaosan. Influenced heritage of art and culture, Javanese artisan inspired to make these beautiful, modern and functional crafts for interior decoration.
Most Indonesian crafts and decoration are made in Java and Bali island, including the main gifts, accessories, interior decoration, figurines, furniture, silver jewelry, wood and stone carving. Please contact us for wholesale prices investigation.
Home Interior accessories
Java island is tropical forests povide large quantity of botanical materials to make crafts such as wood, natural fibres, hull and coconut leaves. Recently, handicrafts and natural accessories become important export product from Indonesia and other Asian countries, most of them combine traditional and modern design who need creative idea to make it contemporary and functional crafts for interior decoration.

giraffe wall coconut natural chandelier picture frame wood fireplace vase
Decorative lampshades --
Our lampshades are only made from a combination of natural materials, wood, stone and earth. He also combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design that make the house more exclusive interior lighting

cinnamon coconut lamp decoration lampteak lamp lamp decoration stone
Since the dawn of time, sculpture and carving technique called by Indonesian craftsman, so far still Indonesian artisan crafts for their livelihood. Here, we show some model crafts Indonesian who has made bronze, brass, wooden material.

dolphin figurine wooden wooden mask elephant figurine sculpture gecko

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