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Jl. Batuan Singapadu Gianyar, Balinese Indonesia
Tel: +62-361-463448, 463447, 464054 Fax: +62-361-463447
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Balinese provides a variety of arts and crafts products, a very ethnic, even the creative and foreign influences works of art can be found in Balinese, such as traditional Balinese Exchange of various forms of trafficking in human beings, gods, animals, and even in different cultures. Bamboo baskets, Bamboo Bags, Bed Covers, and is flying Kites. All the Balinese artists may be reproduced in any art form of crafts of wood and other type of materials.

Retail prices for butterfly design: Small (140 cm in width) of U.S. $ 6.00/pc Medium (180 cm in width) of U.S. $ 8.50/pc, a large (200 cm in width) of U.S. $ 12.00/pc Serpent Design: Small (140 cm in width) of U.S. $ 12.00/pc Medium (180 cm in width) of U.S. $ 31.00/pc, a large (200 cm in width) U.S. $ 65.00 Bird Design: Small (140 cm in width) of U.S. $ 6.00/pc Medium (180 cm in width) of U.S. $ 8; 50 / each, a large (200 cm in width) of U.S. $ 12.00/pc Kaswari Bird Design: Small (140 cm in width) of U.S. $ 6.00/pc Medium (180 cm in width) of U.S. $ 8.50/pc, a large (200 cm in width) of U.S. $ 12.00/pc
Flying Kite Balinese have known about the time immemorial. Kite Flying is not just a free-children, but also for adults or even older people. A good time to fly the kite Balinese are in July and August. Balinese has even kite festivals during that month. When the kite festival takes place, it is not just an individual who will take part in the kite fetival, but also in groups, even if the villages. a member of the participant in villages tend to make a big kite, sometimes the size of more than 10 metres. They must transport the kite, the festival in the field of a large truck and often obstruct traffic, which leads to complain that lead people to arrive late in their premises. A series of Balinese traditional music also be used to track the festival, which makes the situation so lively and deafning the situation. The participants include a reference to high levels of creativity, so that the design of their kites. Make no way the animals, motor bike, plane, and other more traditional forms such as a pattern of fish, quadrangular pain, snakes are still in the competition. The Making Of kite Balinese also to be sold on the market, as well as domestic and international. Even today the production of kite sales have been developed in a knock-down building to minimize the state dring the traffic. The construction of this type is almost small and medium-sized enterprises in all models, such as the models come from birds, bees, boats and other flying animals. Quality is generally grouped into two categories, such as better kites are printed in accrylic and lower quality kites are printed on the wall to paint

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